Al Soor is especially for :
  • Entrepreneurs in the beginning and critical phases of their activities;
  • Companies that have to face extraordinary situations such as restructuring, expansion or reduction of activities, drawing up important commercial agreements, taking over other companies, national and international joint ventures, technology transfers, etc.;
  • Banks that expect to buy out company shares for temporary management with a view to selling in the future;
  • Financial Institutions that must handle capital of companies in difficulty.

Management Services Like….

1Assistance in:
  • Company check-up.
  • Business plans set-up.
  • Merger & Acquisitions.
  • Joint-ventures.
  • Know-out transfer.
  • Financial Statement Consulting.
  • Corporate & Project Finance.
  • Restructuring & re-capitalization.
  • Privatization & Public offerings.
  • Real Estate Development.
2Management in:
  • Implementation of restructuring and restart-up plans.
  • Start-up initiatives.
  • Management support.
  • Tutoring.
  • Management of extraordinary events.
  • Temporary Management.
3Actions in:
  • Leverage buy-out.
  • Management buy-in.
  • Minority share.

The coming century confronts the Arabian Gulf business community with a dynamic environment that will witness maturing capital markets, economics, privatization, rapid technological change and global integration. Within this environment a key aspect to business growth and success is the development of strategic partnerships, optimal capital structures and diverse investment opportunities.What we provide is broad based financial planning, drawing on all types of financial tools that are available to help our clients achieve their specific goals.

The consumer today is being trained to expect a plan to accomplish their goals and objectives. They want to deal with intelligent planners who will listen to their needs and assist them in reaching their goals.Al Soor believes, ” Business is about achieving results “.As a professional in your industry you are measured by your results. People achieve results. The major difference between our company and our competitors is undoubtedly the caliber of the people employed and their ability over competitors to conclude the business.

At the end of the day, you either take the glory and reap the rewards or face uncertainty.
We at Al Soor are willing to stand up and be measured by our results. You will judge us.

The final result is more than a consulting job.

To summarize briefly:

Consulting & Management is Al Soor’s way of operating, from specific company goals up to the point of “Temporary Management”.