each clients need are unique, our focus team understands
Market Research:

Our information services are designed and developed to answer the unique needs of our clients.

Quantitative Market and Opinion Research:

Quantitative market and consumer surveys cover a statistically representative sample of a target population. Conducted with the aid of a questionnaire and through various interviewing methods (face to face, telephone, mail…).

Our Quantitative Surveys are a very effective method for:

  • Testing new products and brand names.
  • Highlighting reasons for brand weaknesses and strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.
  • Providing reliable market share analysis.
  • Learning about consumer attitudes and behavior, knowledge and awareness.
  • Helping project future consumer reactions and attitudes.
Qualitative Market Research:

A research tool that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Focus groups allow our moderators to probe key issues central to our client’s research problem. Focus group discussions are very effective in refining and developing concepts for a new product; pre and post testing a newly launched product; determining the proper positioning of a new product or repositioning of an older one; or shedding light on key aspects of a research problem that need to be further tested in quantitative surveys.